What you should know about the LBEP's proposed Harpenden Luton giant incinerator

What’s Going on?


Where will it be built?

  • The site is located at the junction of Chiltern Green Road and the B653 set between the roads, the Thameslink mainline and the Lea Valley cycle path.
  • The site is broadly triangular in shape and approx. 9 hectares in size.
  • The site is currently agricultural land and forms an important band of uncultivated land running along the valley floor from the edge of Luton.
  • The valley also contains the River Lea a chalk stream in part running from the Chiltern hills.




Road and traffic disruption

‘The last thing the operator of the plant would want would be to have his fuel supply caught up in a traffic jam.’ Malcolm Evans of Emsrayne Renewable Energy (on BBC 3 Counties Radio 11/7/2018) - Thank you Malcolm, good to know!

Incineration is not the solution



LBEP – Lea Bank Energy Park as proposed by Emsrayne Renewable Energy
CBC – Central Bedfordshire Council
LBC – Luton borough council
HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle
DVLA – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority
FOI – Freedom of Information (request / response)


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