This is a call to Central Bedfordshire residents to ‘Have your say!’

If you live in Bedfordshire you should be aware that your local county councillors tell us they have had very few complaints against Emsrayne’s LBEP Harpenden Luton Incinerator proposal from Central Bedfordshire residents.

There is a danger by implication that we either don't care or are all broadly in favour of the proposal. Here is your opportunity to correct any misconception and ‘Have your say!’

Click here to email your opposition and 'Have your say!'

Please use this link to register your objection even if you have contacted Cllr Richard Stay or Cllr Kevin Collins previously. Make sure each member of your household sends an email as they all count.

For a valid objection you must include:  Your name, your address and postcode, and any comment you would like to make. Please be polite and respectful.

A copy of the email will also go to us at SHLI so we know exactly how many Central Bedfordshire residents have registered their objection.

Or if you prefer, just copy and use the details below

Email addresse:

I object to Emsrayne’s LBEP Luton Harpenden Incinerator proposal

(please make sure you use all three addresses and the subject line above so that we can track and verify objections)

We will be updating this site regularly with news of the fight and more information and hard facts

Contact us at: